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Why Choose Orange County Roofing?

Orange County Roofing is an experienced commercial and residential roof company in Orange County, California.

When it comes to commercial or industrial roofs, you want an experienced company for the job. That’s why Orange County Roofing is here! We offer free estimations in order to provide accurate quotes on all of your needs so that there are never any surprises when work begins- just peace of mind knowing things will go smoothly thanks to our quality service team members who know what they’re doing.

You can rely on our commercial roofing professionals to deliver high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service. We are committed not only to safety but also efficiency, with decades of experience under their belts for roof repairs, roof replacements, roof coating restorations, skylight installation services, or roof maintenance you need in Irvine!

Additionally, we also service Multi-Family roofing.

As the owner of a multi-family housing unit in Orange County, you require reliable professionals who can help with your repair or installation needs. At Orange County Roofing we offer timely and comprehensive service for any roofing job – from new structures to pre-existing ones!

When it comes to multi-family apartments or condos you can expect prompt and peerless service from our roofers regardless of your preferred style. We provide repair for both low slope roofs and flat roofs so we have got them covered!

Orange County Roofing Company

2372 Morse Avenue Ste. 449

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The last thing you need is a commercial roofing mishap caused by poor quality installation or materials. We back our commercial roofing services with quality warranties that protect your business with the promise of expert services and only the best materials in the industry.

Our services include:

Residential Roof Repair and Replacement

Commercial Roof Coating Restoration

Commercial roof restoration can save time and money by extending the life of an existing flat or low slope system with minimal disruption to building occupants and workers alike while reducing landfill waste at the same time! Learn More

Commercial Roof Replacement

Don’t let your business suffer another day under a leaky, damaged roof. When it’s time for a new roof, We’ll take care of everything from tear-off to installation, so you can get back to doing what you do best. Contact us today! Learn More

Commercial Roof Repair

Our company offers a complete commercial roof repair service at an affordable price. We are fully equipped with all necessary gear and we have decades of experience in the field so there won't be any problems or delays during our work. With us you get quality at an unbeatable price!Learn More

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Roofs are expensive and if you want to make sure your roof is in good shape, it can be hard to know what kind of maintenance or repair work needs to be done. Our commercial roofing team can help! Learn More

Commercial Skylight Services

We can help you find high quality replacement skylights at affordable prices, or we can install brand new energy efficient ones in no time at all. Either way, you'll get all of these benefits without breaking the bank: Learn More


Our licensed contractors take a personal investment in the success of your commercial roofing project. For each installation, restoration, inspection, or servicing a contractor will provide in-depth insight relevant to your facility, office location, or other commercial sites. Our goals are your goals, and we work with you to ensure the utmost satisfaction. We continuously strive to maintain competitive excellence, with pricing that balances affordability without sacrificing quality or expediency. No matter your roofing needs, we’ll find a way to work with your requirements and your budget.

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30 Years In The Commercial Roofing Industry

Established in 1992, Orange County Roofing LA has established a place as a trusted contractor in the Orange County community. Our team is our family, and we nurture new talent in our procedures, ethics, and methodologies to foster a standard higher than even national industry regulations. We’ve worked for 26+ years to build a position of reliability, and now we’d like to invite you to put that reliability to the test with a free consultation for your commercial roofing services.

CALL US TODAY AT 760-214-6313 to speak with a licensed commercial roofing contractor. We’re waiting to hear from you, and look forward to serving your roofing needs.


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Roof Repair

Roof Replacement

Roof Coatings


How Much Does Commercial Roofing Cost?

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What are the Different Types of Commercial Roofs?

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Is a Commercial Cool Roof Expensive?

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How Effective is Cool Roof?

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How Do I Apply For Cool Roof Rebate?

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Roof Repair By Orange County Roofers

There are too many roofing companies that offer the world and only give you a fraction of what they promised but at Orange County Roofing we take pride in our work! With decades of experience in flat roofs, we know how to roof repair your property so it can last another 30 years.

Our Warranties back our Work.

You can tell how good a roofing company is by what type of warranties they provide and here in our company, we offer 30-year labor and material warranties to put it simply one of the best warranties in the industry!

We Specialize in Roof Coating Systems

Looking to turn your roof into a cool roof? We’ve got your back! We specialize in cool roof coatings.
You can hire any roofer to apply a cool roof coating but only a certain few can save you the hassle of continuous leaks and problems because they applied the cool roof coating correctly.

We Specialize in Both Silicone Roof Coatings and Acrylic Coatings.

Got Leaks? Our Commercial Roof Leak Repair Specialist Can Help You

Leaks can be stubborn and hard to find ESPECIALLY on flat roofs. But our worry-free commercial roof repair specialists have seen it all! We can repair those pesky leaks from happening again. Don’t hesitate and SCHEDULE A FREE ESTIMATE TODAY!

Check Our Roofing Blog

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Want to get roofing tips? Like how to fix a gutter leak, how often to check your roof and the pros and cons of silicone roof coatings.

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4 Benefits Of Getting My Commercial Roof Fixed

4 Great Benefits Of Fixed My Roof Having your roof repaired will protect your home from intruders, natural elements, and pests. It will also help you prevent mold and water damage. In addition, you will want to get your roof inspected on a regular basis. 1. Repairing a leaky roof

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The Ultimate Commercial Roofing System Guide [2022]

Has your commercial roof run its course? Looking to install commercial roofing for the first time? If so, you have a number of systems to choose from. These commercial roof systems differ not only in terms of durability but in terms of maintenance, insulation, and a variety of other characteristics

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Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Cool Roof Coatings

It’s no secret that it can get pretty hot here in Irvine, CA and it’s also no secret that air conditioning bills can stretch higher than a downtown skyscraper while you try to keep your commercial building cool. Orange County Roofing Company is here to offer some useful information on how you

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Roof Maintenance Programs Available

Looking for an annual roof maintenance plan? We’ve got you covered! Literally! Our team can provide annual or bi-annual roof cleaning and tune-ups. Studies show that regular roof maintenance actually saves you money because you prevent small issues from turning into BIG ones.


Orange County Roofing, a family-owned and operated business, has been serving the commercial roofing needs of Southern California since 1992.

Our expertise is

Commercial Roof Coatings

,Commercial Roof Replacement

,Commercial Roof Repair,
Commercial Roof Maintenance

We Service Multiple counties such as Orange, South Los Angeles, Inland Empire and San Diego.

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Our public testimonials from happy clients:

Jenea Whitcomb

5 stars all the way, We highly recommend this company we’ve been using them for the past few years.

exceptional customer service, The workmanship is better than any other roofing company we’ve ever used, Angel is amazing.

We have nothing other to say about this company then they are top notch with fast response and they get the job done 100%!

Diane Kipp

This company did a wonderful job putting new roof on backyard palapa . They replaced messy thatching with shingles. Good workman ship.

Eric Valen

We are extremely happy with our new roof. All of my neighbors love it as well. The crew was very professional and they showed up on time. I would come home at the end of the day to a clean yard as the crew picked up all the debris. I highly recommend Dependable Roofing San Diego.

Office: Huntington Beach Ca

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